Mr. Miller, there will definitely never be another. Even after he dropped his new album "Swimming" today (which did not disappoint), I can't get THIS song outta my head. The beat...the lyrics...such a raw and smooth delivery of addressing the past & moving forward. Really wish this track was on his album but I'm considering it a bonus track! Lol. Enjoy...

Straight from the soul...

And what I loved most...

And so a part of the story began...growing up with music from so many genres, hip hop definitely stole my heart. One of the most important songs of my life comes down to this song right here. From the production by No I.D. to the smooth delivery by C-O-double M-O-to the N, the lyrics and metaphors that can be twisted into what you need it to be or simply understanding his delicate description of nothing more than...*sighs*...hip hop. Dope, timeless & inspiring track. 

fkj & masego

I can't even remember how I stumbled across this song but it has been embedded in my soul and nonstop played since then. The true beauty of talent reaching into your heart on a whole 'nother level! My suggestion: take 8 minutes, put the volume up as loud as you can, close your eyes and open your mind. They had no plans and improvised this whole song! Amazing....and....You're welcome! 

Lowriders & burgers

 So proud to see my family & friends come together to create this episode of The Burger Show in our hometown! Season 2, Episode 1. Thank you Alvin for reaching out to me. Thanks Uncle Eddie for the hospitality. Thanks Dad & Cris for bringing the whole Together Car Club. Justin & Lawrence, you guys were so awesome to work with! Now I’m hungry...Enjoy!


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