She has so much soul…


Not only was Common’s “I used to love H.E.R.” one of my biggest influences, but who knew that this girl right here walking into the newest and dopest hip hop store in the area would result in the second half of where this name even came from? With my heart already captured by music, this store touched so many different angles of what I wanted for my future and I LOVED working there! Workmens became my world! Being surrounded by different clothing lines, graffiti, break dancing, DJing, all sorts of music and every element of the culture, there came the Triple Threat DJs. Vinroc, Shortkut & Apollo. If anyone remembers me since those years, they KNOW how much all of the mixes we sold because I completely played out every single one! In the store and outside of work! Eventually when I had established a good foundation with SMS Clothing, I reached out to them to collaborate on their anniversary of So Much Soul, Vol.1 in San Francisco and everything came full circle. It was an amazing event and everyone was there for the same reason…because the music touched your SOUL!

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