hot damn

The first time I heard this track it gave me chills…the production, Blimes, Meth…everything about this was amazing. That true hip hop vibe you don’t come across very often with new artists  and it’s been on repeat ever since that first time! Reading her post makes it that much better!

3.2 million views on hot damn 😭🙏 that’s you guys! that’s yall being avid supporters of independent music and fire bars! i worked 3 jobs last year- i washed dishes on the graveyard shift to be able to live and make music and deliver the vision. this year, music is my job. so grateful. so humbled. i’ll never be able to fully express my gratitude to @methodmanofficial for believing in my art and being one of the most genuine ppl i’ve ever met 🙏 thank you to @josoy and @terrancestewart for making it all come to life and @lou_koo1and @cambomusic for producing the hell out of this record 👏👏 do me a favor and show a friend this video today!

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